Keen beginnings

This is going to be my release, to de stress, to get everything on paper, to warn others of the perils of joining the Parent Teacher Association.

When my daughter was successful in gaining a place at a lovely school last year I felt I owed them something back. A thank you for giving her the beginning she deserved, that we as her parents deserved! We’d been successful in getting her to the grand age of four and three quarters.  Now someone else was going to be sharing the teaching of our bundle of joy. We wanted only the best for our girl and we got it. So I owed them (despite the taxes we’ve been paying for many years). I knew before that induction meeting in July that I would be volunteering. I put my name down there and then and then waited no so patiently for September when I could get stuck in. I had so many ideas! I would make so many new friends, give back, be a pillar of the community and school. Fast forward 18 months and that same entity has left me frazzled,  burnt out and considering returning to work full time so I can avoid the playground twice a day. So what happened? The PTA happened. Is it just me or does anyone have a similar experience of biting off  more that they can chew?


#PTA #parentteacherassociation #volunteer #gluttonforpunishment



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