Why you shouldn’t organise the Mums’ Christmas party

The challenges of a Mums’ night out

So last night was our Mums’ Christmas party. Well I say party, it was a meal, in the local chain pub.

After weeks of trying to extract a simple
yay or nay as to whether the Mums could make it, 15 of us finally went along.

15 mums that should have been sitting down to the set three course menu. Alas no, that would be too simple. Some had the set menu, some wanted the normal menu and some just wanted to sit there with a liquid dinner.

The Mum that organised the deposits bailed and left me with an envelope full of cash and I had no idea who had paid what and what for. I decided that rather than worry all night about how I was going to calculate the bill I would just drink wine and leave the calculations to chance.

The evening I think was enjoyed by most – everyone loves a good moan right? But I was on edge the whole night waiting on like a paid member of staff. So last night I learnt that if you want to enjoy a mums night out, you should avoid being involved in the planning of said event. And these are the reasons why:
1. Everyone willl look at you when the foods not right. Everyone said the food was s&!t. Yes it was but it was a chain pub microwaving beige food not a Michelin stared restaurant. )That was not my fault but I apologised.)

2. You will be up and down like proverbial blue arsed fly as someone will need a
napkin, a knife, more gravy. (That was not my fault,  but I apologised.)

3. No one will ever make it easy for you – people want to order variations that just you know will cock up on the night. Meals were missed and people were tutting – not at me directly but I know a passive aggressive tut when I hear one. (Again not my fault but I apologised.)

3. It was my fault that some Mums couldn’t make it because I am unable to create and 8th day of the week when everyone is free. (You guessed it – I apologised.)

4. You are left with paying the tip for 15 people. Despite the wine, the bill was split correctly (hurrah!) But then everyone buggered off before I’d realised that I needed to leave a tip. (I apologised to the waiter.)

By all means if you like this sort of thing go for it, but even better if you like this sort of thing get a job as an events planner and get paid for it.

Anyone else have this experience or do I have mug written across my head?


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